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MVP Development Drives

$1.6M in Seed funding

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Through these comprehensive services, our agency played a crucial role in creating a strong brand identity for the client, developing a visually impressive MVP, crafting a compelling investor pitch deck that secured significant funding, and driving content marketing and SEO strategies to enhance online visibility. As a result, the client successfully secured $1.6 million in funding and established a remarkable presence in the competitive gaming industry.


1 . Compelling Branding for User Appeal and Investor Attraction

The client faced the challenge of establishing a strong and captivating brand identity that would not only resonate with gamers but also attract the attention and interest of potential investors. They needed a brand that would differentiate them in the competitive gaming industry and convey their unique value proposition effectively.

2 . Product design

The client’s main objective was to enhance the visual appeal and user-friendliness of their MVP’s interface. They needed to overcome the challenge of capturing users’ attention and showcasing the value of their gaming experience through intuitive design, engaging graphics, and seamless navigation. The goal was to create an interface that would not only captivate users but also drive them to explore and engage with the platform.

3 . Content Marketing and SEO

The client faced the dual challenge of limited content resources and low online visibility. They needed to overcome the scarcity of reliable online gaming information by developing a robust content strategy that would attract and engage their target audience effectively. Simultaneously, they needed to optimize their website for search engines, improve their rankings, and increase their online presence to attract organic traffic. The goal was to establish the client as a trusted source of gaming content and enhance their visibility in the competitive gaming industry through compelling content marketing and effective SEO strategies.





Sliq By Design took charge of crafting a compelling brand identity, including a captivating logo and comprehensive brand guidelines, to position the client as a leading gaming platform.


Seed Investment Secured


Organic Impressions

in the months of July and August vs May and June respectively combined


Organic Sessions


Page Views

- 26%

Bounce Rate


Average Session Duration


Pages were indexed


Points Domain Authority


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