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Branding and Designing
a Healthcare MVP

Branding and Designing
a Healthcare MVP

About The Client

Cooey Health is a healthcare startup with a remote patient care platform. They were ready to kick start a search for potential funding partners. They had accomplished the technology side of their product, but now needed a way to demonstrate its real world application.

Agency services

Agency services



When the client approached us they had a rough vision of a website and brand. We discovered that their brand wasn’t aligned with how they wanted to be perceived while their website didn’t target their desired audience. 

Our focus was to create a brand around their remote patient care platform and deploy a website that simply explained what that platform provided.



During our discovery call, Cooey Health aimed to showcase what their platform meant for medical physicians and their patients. Our design team determined a brochure style website would be the perfect solution. 

From a branding perspective, a medical industry brand needed to exemplify trustworthiness. With the colors we switched from an army green to an ocean blue. Humans psychologically find blue to be trustworthy.

Our Solution


We started by building the website around the technology and benefits instead of services.
Since the platform wasn’t being targeted at the general public, but instead at potential investors we needed to highlight the underlying tech. 

This gave them a better understanding of what they would be funding, the platform. Next, we simplified the logo. If your product is meant to simplify a person’s life, your logo should be a representation of that.

Lastly, we created copy and hand picked imagery that came across as friendly and welcoming.

The Results


Established a website explaining the client’s vision, product, and technology. 

Built a trustworthy brand identity

Secured funding round


“SLIQ was very communicative, responsive, flexible, and receptive to feedback. When I hired them, I already knew that they delivered quality work, so I simply trusted them”

 CEO & Co-Founder of Cooey Health

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