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Launching a Construction
Company’s Brand

Launching a Construction
Company’s Brand

About The Client

With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, A2Z Builders approached us to help them create an online presence and build their overall business and brand identity. 

As a business working in a highly competitive field, developing and maintaining a strong online presence is a pivotal feat, particularly when considering the absence of a clear digital strategy for the last 10 years.

Agency services

Agency services



As part of our approach, we took evidence-based decisions, through our initial research of design solutions backed by data. The initial result included repositioning our clients offerings to maximize clarity, while developing and finalizing their business logo.

 To advance our client’s reach, we also outlined an extensive information architecture to underpin the entire experience. This was key for converting users into clients and influenced our design decisions. 



Our main strategy of attack was to conduct a complete website revamp, while overhauling their information infrastructure. After that, the website needed a reimagined design that focuses on user experience, product, and custom visual assets. 

The main strategy was to establish the main value propositions of the company within a simple, easy-to-scroll, mobile-friendly layout to improve the user’s experience. 


Our Solution


We positioned the new logo design as a “silent ambassador” for the brand by reflecting the client’s construction services in a memorable and recognizable way.

From a web design perspective, we included clear menu visuals and guiding icons that resulted in an improved user experience – providing a sleek feel to the platform.

On the content side, we leaned on project based samples of completed works to guide the user towards services, as it was important to keep the website’s content fresh, authentic and relevant to the current market. 

The Results


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