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Establishing an MVP for

Establishing an MVP for

About The Client

P2E Analytics was born out of a communal need to bring together Web3 gamers under one roof helping them make informed decisions throughout their journey into crypto gaming.

The platform provides accurate and dependable resources covering the world of Web3 gaming to empower players to level-up their decision-making.

Agency services

Agency services



The overall problem they wanted to solve was the scarcity of reliable data found online for Web3 games. Primarily, the first mystery we had to solve was how to showcase and display data in an easily-consumable way to not only veterans of the space, but also to an inflow of new users. 

And since the challenge was to build  a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), we first had to build a solid brand that would not only appeal to a dedicated community, but also toward investors and other stakeholders.



We did a deep dive into the industry to start understanding what kind of products are on the market and the features they offered. What were they lacking? How could we make the design unique? Analyzing how the industry functions and operates allowed us to work closely with the client to create something special to present to investors and early adopters. 

Prior to this, the client was creating Excel spreadsheets to present data of inflation rates, average sales, average price, NFTs sold, as well as various population breakdowns. P2E Analytics requested of us to design an interface highlighting different data points for users to easily digest the history of the game’s tokenomics. 

Visually speaking, people love color in information breakdowns, so we used vibrant tones and shades within the user interface (UI) for a fun-to-look at and engaging feel – keeping gamers in mind. 


Our Solution


We sat down with the client to find a way to make the product quick to grasp that it was gaming themed, designing a logo that easily resonates with such a crowd. The main inspiration behind the logo was making it look like a gaming console, utilizing the letters and color palette chosen with the client. 

Following that we started developing the company’s investor pitch deck that included the product’s proof of concept and value, and addressed its solid market. We leveraged plenty of imagery to showcase brand personality, and prepped it for an investor round.

After conducting research within the space, our messaging approach was to develop a relatable, Internet-themed tone of voice, while emphasizing seriousness and accuracy when reporting information on games. 

The Results


Established a website explaining the client’s vision, product, and technology. 

Built a trustworthy brand identity

Secured funding round

The Impossible is
Made Together

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