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Increasing Restaurant
Revenue by 59%

Increasing Restaurant
Revenue by 59%

About The Client

Big Bites Eatery is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Mountain View, California serving a blend of Asian and European cuisines, and was feeling the brunt of the pandemic. 

Agency services

Agency services

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Mobile App
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While the client came to us with a solid brand and relatively significant presence online through their website, it lacked some flavor – couldn’t but not use that pun, apologies – to reel in new customers. 

The website urgently needed revamping to enhance the user interface, while both the customer journey and conversion funnels were failing to retain potential customers. 


We delved into a ground-up website overhaul, while tracking back to draw customer journey maps in parallel.

This led us to take a calculated approach that attacked website design and development for both mobile and web. 


Our Solution


A large portion of our scope focused on recreating an information architecture based on the menu, catering, and online ordering. This particular path was taken to funnel customers to an end goal of placing orders through the site. 
With a focus on simplicity, the first design presented three pathways to narrow down user needs, while the second took advantage of scrolling habits.  A convenient user journey is done through subtle changes, such as allowing users to efficiently scan the menu and seamlessly patching them to external platforms for online orders, pick-up requests, and delivery. 

The Results


At the end of our two-week sprint, we assessed, built, and handed over a design solution that increased online orders and established visual consistency. Most notable results: 

+ 0 %
+59% increase in revenue
+ 0 %
+22% increase in online orders
+ 0
+36% increase in visitors 

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