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Redesigning and branding
a Crypto Venture Capitalist

Redesigning and branding
a Crypto Venture Capitalist

About The Client

Necker Ventures is crypto Venture Capitalist that provides a bouquet of services to accelerate innovation on a startup level.

The company’s services include operational and capital support while implementing a hands-on approach through their network of innovative and resourceful advisors and supporters.

Agency services

Agency services

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The client came to us looking to build an impactful brand, with a message revolving around partnerships and collaborations. Seeing that the client works within the crypto space, their existing generic website needed revamping to match their industry, while messaging lacked a welcoming tone.



We put our research hats on and dived into the industry, identifying key points to include within
the base web redesign. However, our redesign approach stayed to the client’s request of
emitting a welcoming-feel. 
Seeing that the company operates within the finance industry, brand trust was top of mind when delving into the redesign strategy. The end goal was to present a trustworthy brand that communicates concisely and transparently.

NV st 1_2 copy

Our Solution


We redesigned the website using a silky white background, leaving white space throughout the general flow of the site for a more comforting feel. In addition, flat and sharp design language is used across the site to deliver a serious feel that is associated with the line of business. Since Web3 is considered a collaborative community, we highlighted that aspect using a teamwork oriented messaging strategy.

We showcased the website copy through videos placed behind the letters, providing an immersive experience all throughout. The crypto industry focuses on transparency above all. Accordingly, we placed the company’s portfolio, credentials, and related stats face first to double down on that aspect.

The Results


Reestablished a comforting, yet solid brand

Revamp the website to match the client industry

The Impossible is
Made Together

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