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Creating an Eco-Friendly
Cosmetics Brand

Creating an Eco-Friendly
Cosmetics Brand

About The Client

Sea Simple Beauty is a boutique beauty branding offering holistically sourced, beauty products matched with amazingly designed packaging sourced from recycled material. 

Agency services

Agency services



Sea Simple Beauty came to us with a request for us to tell the story of their brand, allowing us to develop a logo and design that aligned with the business’ values.

As such, the logo had to follow through with having design elements that conveyed the brand’s message while including cues that conveyed the store’s location on the California ocean coast.

The design and colors needed to work with the brand which was pivotal for the product’s objective and the business’s vision. 



We started by designing a unified logo that stood firm and worked with the idea of saving the ocean from pollution. 

We also included a mermaid within the logo at the client’s request to further convey the brand’s identity.

To further compliment the logo and its identity, we identified and rendered a business identity that flowed with the overall objective.


Our Solution


We spearheaded our approach by designing and refining a logo that followed a unified flow, capable of working throughout the packaging’s needs and constraints. The logo’s design references the ocean and the mermaid, all while adhering to the brand’s minimalism. 

We matched it with a unisex color palette and font that worked to convey the atmosphere and setting of the coast life, reminding the customer of skin, sun, and sand.

The Results


Custom designed logo to establish the brand’s image

Brand identity developed with font’s color palettes, and additional elements

Product packaging to match the brand’s identity


” I don’t think there’s anything they could’ve done differently — SLIQ honestly blew my mind and did a perfect job. I recommend calling them and allowing them to take over. After you present your requirements, you don’t need to worry about anything else.”

Owner & CEO of Sea Simple Beauty

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